10 November 2004


October 25, 2004
I had never been to Washington state until a few days ago. Hello gorgeous. I love how green and clean everything seems. I went with Ritz and Jimmy for Natalie and Lewis' wedding. I loved every minute of the trip. The ride up was entertaining and went by a lot quicker than I thought it would. I loved having dinner with Natalie's great family the night we got there. Everyone is so friendly and happy and hilarious. We laughed and laughed and had a good 'ol time. Lewis' family was there with us and they are adorable. Spending a whole weekend celebrating love and family and progression was exactly what I needed. I loved spending the day in the temple with them and feeling the peace and joy that come from being there. It was that much better being there with so many amazing people and being with Lewis and Natalie and Ritz and Jimmy, who I love. I'm so grateful for the wealth of good people in my life. People I absolutely adore. It makes me think of when I was directed by the spirit to move to Provo. I never-ever wanted to live in Provo. If I hadn't come here, I'm sure I would've met wonderful people where I was, but I would have missed out on Ritz, Suzanne, Christina and Jonathan, Jen, Kat, Em, Liz and Chris, Maggie, Tiff, Gerka, Jena, Rach, Jimmy, Jay, Chris, Jon, Corey, Duard, Drew, Buck and Caroline, Nama, Eddie, Jen Harms, Dirrty, Nikki, Brandon, Hezzy and J5, the list could go on forever and ever! And it does, there are so many, many more. I'm so grateful for my amazing friends and the hilarious adventures we've had together. I'm glad I came here. I'm grateful for the love! I am so madly in love with all of my friends. They are good and kind and righteous and they genuinely care about me and make me happy and help me be the best I can be. THANK YOU!


The Charming Chimp said...

I think you're delightful. Can't wait to show you my family on Thanksgiving.... *smile*

Em said...

Who the crap is Tizzy? I don't think she made the list. Huh. Anyway, I love you. It's true.

Erika said...

True that! I almost didn't stay in Provo then I wouldn't have met you!

Tiff said...

I made the list! YES!

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