06 December 2004

Dear Santa,

This year I only want a few things ok? Hmmm... let's see. I would like for Ritzy's teeth to stop hurting. That would be so cool. I would also really really like it if Em's roommate would stop being psycho so Em can sleep at night. I want Kat to be appreciated at work and to get a huge raise and to find a normal (but extraordinarily good-looking) guy. I really want a Caroline-blog and I know everyone else does too. I want to see my friends more cuz I love them so much. I want Jon to fall madly in love and be happy forever. I want Chris to always remember the skills he learns in his stage combat class because you never know when he might need them. I want Nama to bring me lots of pictures from Pompeii and Herculaneum since I can't go with her. I want all of my friends to pass their finals. I want Jena to go out with Kronk. (I also want Kronk to fall in love with me.) I want Corey to write on his blog more often. I want Liz to get over her morning sickness. I want my brother, Dewey, to move to Provo so we can hang out and so he can marry one of my friends. I want Tiff and Gerka to find big beautiful burly men, either that or they can go on missions and then I could write them letters. I want my sister, Meme, to say yes and get married. I want Eddie to get everything on her list. I want my friend, Emily, to have a successful surgery and have her cancer go away. I want to fall in love next year because I didn't get to this year. That should do it, but you know me; you might get a letter next week too.




Kirsten said...

yes with you and me pushing for everything on my list I might just get all of it!!!

Tiff said...

Wow! That's quite the list. And I felt very special to be featured on it. :o)
Love ya babe!

Jay said...

Wow, I'm feeling pretty shallow right now. I was asking for an adult BigWheels, a lightsaber, a hover board, a Tauntaun that I would name Nibbler, a radioactive spider, and a fully fuctional ACL. Now that I see the error of my ways, I would want all of these things for my friends...except the adult BigWheel, that I really really want.

Erika said...

You inspire me Leah. I think I'll write a list to Santa on my blog. And I think I'll go for the burly man.

Jon said...

Here's a thought: why is it called a lightsaber if it is in no way shaped like a regular saber? Maybe because lightrapier or lightepee just didn't sound as cool. Lightclaymore is definitely out as is lightbroadsword.

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