10 December 2004

t.v. anyone?

Here is the dramatic tale of the electronics in my apartment.

When Ritz and I first became roommates, a tiny little tv came with her. This little tv served us well. It doesn't have a remote control, but we only used it to watch Law and Order and X-Files anyway so we didn't care. One day, a sweet Norwegian boy named Are came and sold Ritz a jacked-up DVD player. We should've known something was up because he kept saying how great it was and then told us to email him if there was anything wrong with it. He said it 3 or 4 times. We soon found out that it only plays some DVDs. Never the ones we really want to see. We spent the spring and summer in bliss; loving our little setup and defending it from the less appreciative who wanted to mock it. A month or so ago, my sister called and told me she was moving to Arizona right away and that she had a tv and vcr I could have. About the same time, one of Ritz' coworkers told her she had an extra tv we could use. I came home one day and Ritz had it set up in our bedroom. We spend days in there. I come home from work and make my dinner and go jump in my bed to watch Law and Order marathons. The tv is small, but it has a remote. Oh the joy of technology! One Saturday, Ritz and I borrowed Jay's truck and drove up to Sugarhouse to pick up my sister's tv and vcr. We visited with my darling Great Aunt Clyde. She is a sugar-cane-sweet southern belle. So charming and so adorable. She's 90 going on 30. After visiting for a while, we loaded up the truck and made our way back to Provo. Once we got home, we enlisted the help of Corey to connect our new older-but-bigger tv to our dvd player and vcr. After an hour or two, he got it all connected and even wired our dvd player to my cousin's stereo system so we can watch dvds with surround sound. He's a pal. We put our trusty little tv behind our sofa since we don't have any room for it anywhere else. On Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving), we went to Wal-Mart with Chris so he could buy a digital camera. Ritz found a new dvd player on sale, in hopes that it would play all of our dvds. It does!! We put it in our room and have watched many a movie in there. Wait. Some how I feel like I'm writing an annual Christmas letter, reporting about my tv's since I don't have any kids. This is pathetic. Holy crap I'm pathetic! I think the moral to this story is that I need to get out of my house! AAHH!!!


Em said...

you do need to get out of your house. and come over to mine.

Kirsten said...

I know how you feel our house has three tv's now-- and there are only two of us. If you and lisa move in, we could have one in every room in the house, including the bathroom.

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