06 January 2005

The Majority of Americans beg to differ!

I happened to see a report on Fox News while I was at work today, this is a channel I try to avoid at all costs (for good reason). They had a guest on named Wayne Simmons, "formerly of the CIA." The story was the "Big Story" called "Torture Tactics?" They had this man talking about whether or not we should use torture on prisoners who may (or may not) have time sensitive information about a potential terrorist attack. He blabbed on about how he is sure that the majority of Americans would condone torture in this situation. He then said that he wasn't talking about cutting off someone's head or any of their digits, or even hitting their fingers with a hammer, etc. But somehow he thinks that depriving them of food or light or even putting them in a freezer, "making them extremely uncomfortable" was how he put it, is a perfectly acceptable form of torture to get what you want. WHAT? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? The interviewer, "Judge" Somebody, asked him how they can tell whether the person is giving accurate information or just telling them anything to get them to stop torturing them and he said that sometimes it's both, but he didn't really give an answer. He justified torture by saying that we handle prisoners with "kid gloves" as opposed to how they treat prisoners. He calls it aggressive interrogation. He then had the crazy nerve to say that he didn't "condone torture in any way, shape, or form." At this point I was pretty irate and was trying not to yell at the screen since I was in the break room at work and was not alone. He then said that when American lives are at stake, "anything goes." How can you not condone it, but believe that anything goes? It was the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen. By now I wasn't really paying attention to what he was saying and was thinking about how badly he needed to be publicly shamed when I heard the words, "Jap internment camp." EXCUSE ME? I don't care what you are talking about, you are on national television and are supposed to be an expert and you just used the term "Jap?" The report made me glad at least that this racist psycho-path is "formerly of the CIA."


Em said...

Fox News is the devil. Everybody knows this.

Jon said...

Whatever. A little torture now and then never hurt anybody. I, for one, support bringing back the rack and thumb screws. And while we're at it, lets set up stocks in Times Square and sell rotten tomatoes in the immediate vicinity. So many creative opportunities! Why, you could put them in that machine that squeezes their head tighter and tighter as you twist the screw on the top. Flogging, of course, works in many parts of the world. I mean, come on! American lives are at stake. Better them than us is what I always say.

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