12 April 2005


Did you know that if a woman is not a legal resident of the US, but her children are, that when she is deported, the US keeps her children?

Did you know that there are apartments full of illegal families hiding on the Reservations trying to stay together?

Did you know that there are 4 animal shelters for every 1 domestic violence shelter?

Did you know that there are men in this world who beat women and then force them to use drugs and convince them that they can't call the police because they're high and that the cops won't believe them?

Did you know some abusers won't let their wives/girlfriends learn English?

Did you know that women fly across the country under false names so that they can seek shelter from their abusers?

Did you know that some abusers tell women that they'll call immigration if they call the police on them?

Did you know that domestic violence happens in all levels of society and in heterosexual and homosexual relationships equally?

Did you know that battered women sometimes have to be transported in secret late at night because their abusers find them?

Did you know that the facility where I work is the only one in the country that puts women and their children up in motels when all the shelters are full?

Did you know that once given a bed and a safe place to stay, some women don't want to get out of bed anymore and blame themselves?

Did you know that some women go back to their abusers because they associate violence with love?

Did you know that I've had to hold children while they cry because their fathers are bad people and they're ashamed that they love them?


Penny said...

Yes, I did know half of these things. I am sorry for the pain you yourself have to endure while you work to help these families.

Do you know that we appreciate it and do you know that we need you to keep doing it?

I was just surfing through and I read what you wrote and I want you to know that sometimes we go back a hundred times because we feel like we were told we are, but sometimes there is the one day we leave for good and it's easier with people like you. You matter.

Ryan said...

that was a very nice comment by penny. and I agree leah. You are the bomb.

Tiff said...

Sound like you're dealing with some heafty stuff babe - know it's appreciated though, even if they can't express it at the time.

Kirsten said...

I am glad you dream to change the world.....

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