14 May 2005

this is a test...it is only a test...

Thursday, May 19, is the opening day of the final Star Wars movie.

Thursday, May 19, is my 25th birthday. (Very big deal.)

I do plan to see the movie eventually, but refuse to give up my special day for this movie, like I did on my 19th birthday, (against my will).

You are a man who loves Star Wars.

Which do you choose?



Em said...

I choose YOU!

Cracka Chips said...

I choose you my Nessa. I even choose you over my brother. Whose Birthday you share. He's gunna be 27. Interested?

Penny said...

Ooooh.. I luuuuuuuuuuv star wars and I'm going to see it on Thursday!! ~ If I was a boy who loved you, I'd bring you and a blanket and a big bag of sourpatch kids to see it!

But, I'm a girl. LOL!

Erika said...

If I'm a boy I'd choose Star Wars because I'm a boy. But I'm a girl so I'd choose you. And I'm listening to Kenny G right now. because I'm a girl.

Kirsten said...

oh come on.... you see it at 12:00 AM on the 19th then celebrate your birthday with you that night.

Tiff said...

Wow. You ask a lot.
(But I think you can.) :o)

talkingdonkey said...

Does one really need to think on this one? Isn't it totally obvious? You choo - choo choose the girl! in this case Leah

kat said...

i would use the force.

Jon said...

Star Wars will be in theaters forever.

And after that, it will be on DVD.

Your birthday is only one day.

I fail to see the choice here.

Erika said...

Hey Leah, happy birthday!

MyMoodSwings said...

Happy Birthday..
i'm a new reader of ur blog..its quite interesting..keep blogging...dont mind , i'm reading ur blog w'out ur permission..
take care.

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