05 June 2005

Calling all cars, calling all cars, this is an Emergency...

Broad shoulders, nice arms.
Originally uploaded by Lulu-Belle.

This is from my most recent comment on Kimbolicious' blog.

Where is My:
Reasonably attractive (Reasonable is relative, see picture.)
Not skinny
Average-height MAN
With broad shoulders and nice arms?
(I listed these by order of importance.)


Tiff said...

Oh, that is a nice picture.
I was trying to explain to my roommate last night that although my main attraction to a guy was like 98% personality and non-physical stuff...that doesn't change when that last 2% makes you go weak in the knees. ;)

Erika said...

How'd you get that picture of my boyfriend?!?

Kirsten said...

The other day I was somewhere and I really wanted to make friends with this one guy, I couldn't figure out why.... it's b/c like the guy in your picture he was really good lookin. Gosh I am about as shallow as I claimed not to be.

Nessa said...

I've never claimed to be deep when it comes to men. Granted, I love most men and can find something attractive about them as long as their personality doesn't make me wanna tape their mouth shut, but I especially like the pretty ones. Especially the pretty-eyed ones. My kids gots to have pretty eyes!

Jena said...

It's just so beautiful.

Nessa said...

I had the biggest crush on Brad Pitt when I was 14. I thought I was over it. Aparently not. I watched "Meet Joe Black" last night just to look at him. I wonder if I still have that "Legends of the Fall" poster?

kat said...

"river runs through it"

brad was totally my boyfriend when i was 13.

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