27 June 2005

Greatest weekend ever since Bear Lake

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My mom and I drove 2 hours to see Ryan Shupe and the Rubber Band this weekend. Very cool. On the way up, we went through an old mining town. I loved it! It's this really pretty town on the side of a mountain that is full of art galleries. We spent the afternoon going from gallery to gallery. It made me so happy! I want everyone to come visit me and we can go camping up there and wander around the cool galleries. Besides, it's 20 degrees cooler up there than in the valley. Check out these pics!


Em said...

Wow! Looks like you had fun! Wish I could have been there. And wish you were here. And wish me being there and you being here at the same time were possible. Love you!

Erika said...

I just think it's awesome that there's a town called Jerome. And you went there!

kat said...

ryan shupe... it's just like being home again.

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