15 July 2005

Mr. Rozzi's Opus

I Googled my 6th grade band teacher who had an enormous empact on my life and found him! He has a Jazz band in Atlanta. I even found his email address! I'm going to email him and thank him. I'm actually a little bit nervous about it. What if he doesn't remember me? He was my teacher for 3 years and pushed me really hard, harder than I liked actually, but he saw something in me that I didn't, and made me the very best in my section. He would sign me up for competitions and constantly challenged me. I thought he was picking on me sometimes, but as I've gotten older, I've wanted to thank him a thousand times, but didn't know how. Especially since he'd moved and no one seemed to know where. He created the musical foundation I needed to move on to band and eventually singing in high school. Music is in my soul thanks to him.

Just thought I'd share.


Jon said...

You were in 6th grade for 3 years?

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