07 September 2005


I just realized that my new template doesn't show who posted each comment. Luckily I have email comment notification that tells me. Bear with me ya'll, I'm gonna get to the bottom of this, there are still some bugs I'm working out of my site... in the mean time, please leave your name on your comments, just in case I haven't checked my email. Thanks!!


Jena said...

Ok. -Jena

Nama said...

what if i don't want to.
what if i want you to wander who left this comment.
what if i'm a stalker.
what if i don't care.



kat said...

i'm going to say this comment is from kat. but is it really kat? it could be em sitting on phonebook to make herself taller so she can pretend to be kat. or maybe it's nama making two comments in a row! or maybe it's really leah, commenting on her own blog just to freak people out!
or maybe it's a big hairy man from new jersey.
or maybe it's your mom.
you'll never know.

Nessa said...

Ha! You people think you can fool me but... uh, you can't. Ok, I got nothin'.

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