18 September 2005

The Best I Can Do

The best I can do is educate myself. Learn as much truth as I possibly can and then use my energy as it comes to make things better. To fight apathy. I can't support every cause every day. But today I can support the one that moves me today and tomorrow I can support the one that moves me tomorrow. One cause a day should keep me busy for the rest of my life. I certainly hope so anyway. The thing I've heard people say that upsets me the most is that if they support one cause they'll have to support all of them, so it's easier to support no cause. I've had people question my causes and beliefs and criticize my activism, and treat me like somehow my support is flawed; because I don't see the world in black and white, or don't take their "side". I believe thoughts and statements to that effect are pure malice. And dangerously ignorant. Especially coming from people with no cause. Who don't vote. A big part of my Stake Conference was focused on our civic duties. Our responsibility to get involved. One of the speakers even asked for a raise of hands from the registered voters. It's important. Your causes are your own, but you need to have them, at least one.

I Can Be:

Vegetarian and still wear leather
A meat eater and still speak out against factory farming
Christian and Politically Non-partisan
Perfectly heterosexual and still openly admire the form and beauty of another woman
Non-Conformist and Socially Adept
Glamorous and Natural
Faithful and Inquisitive
Uneducated and Well Read
Colorful and Pure
Truthful and Tactful (this requires the most skill)
Sensual and Chaste
Submissive and Confident
Outspoken and Reserved
Funny and Considerate
Angry and Kind

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