23 September 2005

Is this really news?

So, I just ran into a news headline that said, "Tyra Banks proves that her breasts are real." Seriously people.
Who cares?
I mean, even if she paid for them, they're still hers, and they're real because bags of saline are real. Do they mean as opposed to being holographic? And who does she have to prove it to? They're her body parts for crying out loud! And again, who cares?
Especially when things like this are being ignored by the media. And that's just the tip of the iceburg. These people report responsibly. And these people are trying to get the major stations to report on real world issues. I saw an interview with Angelina Jolie where the interviewer was trying really hard to get her to validate the rumors that are disgracing magazine covers everywhere. Angelina pointed out how ridiculous it was that 50 photographers followed her and her child to a park when there are millions of children dying of AIDS. She pointedly refused to answer those ridiculous questions. And talked instead about her activism and motherhood. I gave her a freaking standing ovation in my living room. Whatever happened to responsible journalism?


eddie said...


k@ said...

wait, how did she prove that they're real?

nama said...

double amen, nessa! i gave you a standing ovation in my room!!

Leah Vanessa said...

I don't know Kat. I couldn't bring myself to read the article.

Spliz said...

on the other hand, you were watching an interview with Angelina Jolie.
Which is why those questions get asked.

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