18 September 2005


Let me tell you why I happen to love Stake Conference.

1. The spiritual edification.
2. The uplifting music.
3. 2000 heads of hair for me to observe.

I know. I have a sickness. I'm obsessed with hair. It doesn't help that my Stake Center is 2 blocks from a major Aveda school, so going meetings last night and this morning, I passed it 4 times. And my sister and her roommate asked me to do their hair last night (one curly, one straight), so I was already in stylist mode by the time we got to the meeting. I want to constantly stop people and ask them what they did to achieve a particular result. Or why they think that wearing the same painfully-straight blonde weave is still popular when it is obvious that their hair looks Dead? And hello? Have you ever heard of getting back to nature? Or of newer techniques, such as ballyage and the like?

Any who...
This morning, I was lucky enough to sit behind two sisters with AMAZING hair. Seriously ya'll. Sometimes it was hard to focus on the speakers because I was observing the precision lines of their freakin' fantastic hair. I grabbed them as soon as the meeting was over and asked them where they get it cut. They gave me the name of their salon and stylist. I'm gonna call her first thing tomorrow. And I should be enrolled in one school or the other by the end of the week. I'll let you know.

I promise I was spiritually uplifted and got a lot out of the conference as well... I actually came home and shared with my family.

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Erika said...

Yeah, the girls in front of you were Jena Peterson and Erika Harker.

Just kidding. Jena does have amazing hair though. And she does it so fast. So jealous.

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