11 November 2005

Leah's Guide To Happiness

Lesson 1

If you tell people you are beautiful, they will believe you.

It's obvious that I'm a remarkably beautiful person, but how would the blind population know if I didn't tell them?

Practice telling yourself how beautiful you are. Then find ways to work it into your conversations with others. Be subtle one day and blatant the next. Find a style that suits you and that you're comfortable with.

Repetition is the key.

The more you tell others how beautiful you are,
the more beautiful you will become to them.


ritz said...

it's true nessa you got the hotness. but shoot girl have you seen this?
um um um.

Beth said...

I totally agree. If you keep saying it, you'll believe it. The positive things just take a little longer to embed in your brain.

It comes with age I think. I think I'm either getting better looking as I get older, or I feel more secure. Either way its working for me.


Phi said...

mmm..and what if someone's not so beautiful but just..er..pretending, to talk people into it??
anyway, I do agree with you. The funny thing is that I wrote something about myself which sounds a bit too blatant after reading what you say... :)

Jon said...

I see. The reverse Johnny Lingo approach.

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