02 December 2005

Friday Night

Tonight I watched "Annie" with 8 kids while 84,000 corn dogs cooked in the oven. The three rooms in the Children's Center that I oversee looked like a tornado had whipped through. Every single toy was off the shelves and on the floor. I had kids playing monopoly and computer games in one room, legos and trucks in another, and 3 little girls staring at the tv screen in awe in yet another. It was the first time they'd seen "Annie" and they were obviously in love. I fed them all corn dogs and strawberry ice cream until they were laying in a heap on the floor and then I pulled out my huge candy tub and let them have at it. They were so wired that clean up was remarkably fast once their mothers showed up to get them.
A local salon offered to close their doors for 3 hours tonight and one of my co-workers piled all the women in a huge van and took them over there for haircuts and massages and manicures. They came back beaming and beautiful. Some of the ladies had gotten such drastic makeovers that their kids were speechless. It was a good night. I drove my co-worker, Viva, home and went in her house to say goodnight to her 3 little boys ages 5, 6, and 7. She has the funniest kids, I absolutely love them. They're my three little Samoan boyfriends. They draw me pictures and ask me out all the time. The only one still awake was her 5 year old who needed a pep talk about monsters. Our conversation sounded like this:

Me: So, are you afraid of the dark?
Danny: No way!
Me: Good. Because I really am and one of us has to be the brave one.
Danny: What!? Are you afraid of monsters?
Me: No way man. I don't let those suckers mess with me.
Danny: What do you do?
Me: I say, 'Hey sucker! Nobody invited you. Get outta my room! I'm trying to sleep!'
Danny: Does it work?
Me: Every time. Every body knows monsters are sissies.
Danny: Oh! Ok.

Life is good ya'll.

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