06 December 2005

Tricks and treats... SMELL MY FEETS

Why is it so very hard to find the perfect gold shoes? I'm going nuts ya'll! All that I ask is that they be gold wedges, at least 3" tall and reasonably comfortable since I'm going to be doing a lot of dancing. I would even be extremely happy if I could find the perfect turquoise or teal wedges. What's the deal? There are some online, but I'm not in the mood to deal with slow shipping or them potentially not fitting or not getting here when I need them. The rest of my outfit for my sister's wedding is complete... and super sassy. I'm totally crushing on a pair of JLo shoes called the Vanessa because they're turquoise and gold and tall and sexy, but I don't know about the quality and I can't smell them online. Yes, I smell shoes before I buy them. Not for stinky odours, for quality. If I was a little less self possessed, I'd probably give them a good chew as well. Instead, I twist them bend them and generally make sales people cringe. I've had good luck with Zappos so far, but this is a big deal and I don't have much time to get the perfect shoes and can't risk any disasters. I'm really happy that this is the biggest drama in my life right now. The lack of perfect gold shoes. It doesn't get much better than this.


Beth said...

My advice is order something online and keep looking in the mean time. That way if you find something better, great - if not the online ones are there as a fallback.

nama said...

oh to be nessa. and those vanessa shoes are HOT! shoot.

Dilly said...

They had those shoes at my local Nordstrom in black with silver trim and I picked them up to try on but then my wallet started screaming in pain and I put them back down.

Decent quality - I would say equivalent to Steve Maddens. There were a few loose... threads? Frayed leather? on the edge of the silver detail, but easily remedied with a pair of cuticle scissors. My mom even thought they were totally fabu. they seemed to not be BCBG narrow, but narrower than how Steve Maddens run. Not sure the smell, I put them down before I got too tempted!

Leah Vanessa said...

Thanks Dilly. Good to know that they're equivalent to Steve's. I hate his shoes and could've been really disappointed. I'll keep looking!

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