13 June 2006

My guilty pleasures?

Conspiracy theories...
Seriously. I'm hooked. I always take them with a grain of salt and when the clerk at my farmer's market started telling me about this documentary, I had to see it. I love that kid. He always starts the most controversial and inappropriate conversations in the check-out line. He's one of my guilty pleasures. I always try to get in his line because there's no telling what'll come out of his mouth. But he's recommended some of the most delicious foods to me cuz he knows what I like, since I'm in there twice a week. He needs a raise. The film was fascinating. You can watch it on the website. Check it out if you like this kind of thing. If not, remove the stick from your hind-end and watch it anyway. Hee hee.

...And shoes
I'm on a shoe spree. But I'm so happy about it. The leather on these babies feels like butter and they're really comfortable. But then again, any heel under 4" feels comfortable to me. 4's and I don't get along so well. These are much more delicate and finished looking in person. I wear them whenever I'm not at school. Because I'll only wear these at school, no other shoe is worth the pain. I don't care how beautiful they are. I'm waiting for these to come in the mail and I'm buying these mammas next.


kcbhatt said...

interesting blog.

nama said...

those are hot hot hot!!
hot like your mom is not.

Jazz Coffee said...

Interesting stuff here,i'll be back.
Stop by for a visit and a laugh.

k@ said...

my list of guilty pleasures is way too long to get into here.

Asian Lep said...

I have to go watch the Mel Gibson movie now.

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