15 July 2006

Hair arguments.

This is from a photo of me and Ritzy and Natalie, but since this post is all about me, I cut them out. Temporarily! Oh yeah, and my hair is long is this photo, but all you see are the front layers.

I love this photo. My hair turned out perfect by accident that day.

This is me as a missionary. Towards the end of my mission.
This is when I was about 20, the guy was my sister's boyfriend at the time.
Check it! This is me at 16!

Another mission photo. This is notoriously the worst haircut of my life. The one I had to fix myself with folding sewing scissors. Luckily the duck-like hairstyles were in full swing.

I think I look startled in this photo.

I think I look good with pretty much any hair. I'm still really unsure what to do with my hair because I'm particular. I need ideas!


nama said...

i love them all, it's so hard to choose which cut is the best. i really like the picture from the end of your mission with short hair about to your chin. but, girl, it's all hot. follow your chi.

Brandi Johnson said...

You are a hottie! Hmmm.....I really like your eye make-up in the first picture. And, your hair does look good anyways. I say cut it short, because it's summer, and it always grows back.

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