14 April 2007

Fight fire with fire

I have a neighbor across the parking lot who watches every move I make. It's annoying. I know he's harmless, he just seems like a bored old man, but I find it terribly rude. I hate being leered at all the time. He seems to pay special attention to when I go to church and will be out there like clock-work when I walk out my door all dressed up. So I decided to put an end to these shananigans. For the last few weeks I've turned the tables on him by looking directly at him standing there on his balcony minding everyone's business but his own. I make it a point to immediately look up when I walk out as opposed to pretending not to see him as I've done in the past. If I'm in the parking lot or on my porch for any amount of time, I watch him. Well, for the last week, he goes inside as soon as I come out. If I look up, he looks somewhere else. No leering. Because he apparently doesn't like it. That's what I thought, sucker!

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