29 October 2007

It Gets Worse...

Tomorrow after work, Big Mama and I are registering for a knitting class at a local yarn store. This place is serious. They sell fair trade yarns, silk, organic cotton yarns, huge looms for rug making, you name it. It's a far cry from your run of the mill craft store full of polyester and acrylic. As embarrassing as it is to admit it, I'm really excited. The instructors at this place are certified through The Knitting Guild Association (can you believe there really is such a thing?). Why does this even matter? I had a hard time focusing at work today because I wanted to be knitting. Or at least perusing the yarn store and daydreaming about handmade sweaters (did I mention it's still in the 90's here?). What am I becoming? Aaahhh!

Whatever. I like it.

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