06 December 2007

No Secret

I don't wear deodorant. Seriously. I don't like it. I don't need it. Yeah, you heard right... I don't need it. Don't hate me 'cuz I'm not smelly. Body odor is a pretty rare occurrence for me and it takes several days of not bathing to bring it about. And yes I have tested this. If I know it's gonna be a sweaty day I'll spray a little salt-water deodorant on after I bathe. You know you like it.

I only wash my face once a day. I stopped washing it with soap in the mornings because I noticed that 4 of my siblings with great skin only ever wash their faces if they're dirty or are wearing makeup. As soon as I stopped over-washing, my face got a lot happier.

Almost as soon as I wrote that my skin was great a few posts ago... it went haywire. So I won't tell you that it's recovering. Or that I'm nearly back to being makeup optional and glowy again. No way... I would never tell you that.

Oh yes, a mascara review. I tried MAC's Plush Lash mascara and it's driving me crazy. It does make my lashes supa-phat... but it's really dry and it flakes so bad that it gets in my eyes and makes me grouchy. It's crazy because I was using their Fiber Rich mascara which is literally full of chunks and it was smoother and didn't flake on me. I think I'll try Zoom Lash next. I tried Mascara X and liked it - but the fake rose smell was kinda strong. I'm just moving through all their mascaras to see what I like best.

Ok, the end.


Anonymous said...

Leah!!! I miss your beautiful, unwashed face!!

Anonymous said...

Whoopie for anti hygiene. I've been on that train for years. Ungratefully I don't have anti smelling capabilities.

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