10 May 2008


Bank Clerk: I love your earrings!
Me: Thank you!
BC: You got them at Mervyn's?
Me: No, I got them from a local artist.
BC: (Gives me a quizzical look.) A what? Not at Mervyn's?
Me: (Returning the quizzical look.) No. A local artist made them and I bought them from her.
BC: Oh. That's odd. They're pretty though.
Me: Thanks?


Beth said...

Oh dear. Another person unaware that not everything has to be mass produced and that there are people who make things as well as the machines..

Em said...

Is Mervyn's the only store in your town? Or just the only store the BC has heard of?

Nessa said...

Believe you me, there are plenty of stores around here... too many. What I don't get is why Mervyn's=jewelry. That's the last place I'd associate with jewelry. Particularly big pieces of very natural-looking turquoise. I believe the BC was from Africa, so maybe Mervyn's really is the only store she's heard of... so far.

Nama said...

...you're mom's odd...

Eddie the Girl said...

1) what is BC
2) well maybe the artist ripped of mervyns ;)
3) I adore that you bought something from a local maker person.

Eddie the Girl said...

oh bc= bank clerk got it.I thought it was some kind of slang thing I was missing out on.

Rosander said...

That is so funny! I love that people are so clueless sometimes. Hey I hope you're doing well. It's been so long. I love that I can check out your blog to see what is going on in your life. Well we should catch up sometime. Love, Lindsay Baird Rosander

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