01 May 2008

I think I forgot how to be funny.

My life consists of working and sleeping. With various t.v. shows mixed in.

I need a diversion.

A vacation.

An adventure.

But I'm a total stick-in-the-mud.

I work a lot.

I'm finally on the path to true financial security...

And while this thought is comforting and I'm quite proud of myself, I want to be reckless and use my money to travel the world, not to save for the future.

See? I'm so focused on grown-up things I'm totally boring!

No one cares about my finances or my workaholic ways.

You want adventure, romance, intrigue. Right?

You must, because that's what I want. Sheesh.

Well, I'm boring myself so much that I'm getting sleepy, so I'll try to pencil in some adventure time for myself this weekend and then pencil in some more time to record it here.


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Ann-Marie said...

come visit me in utah. that would be an adventure!

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