30 October 2008


Here are some photos I've been meaning to post. A growing baby, my hilarious nephews playing in the mud, and my new-ish haircut. I've said it before, fall in the desert is like summer everywhere else. I'd really like some cooler air!

Yeah, she's wearing a 6 month dress at 3 months! Babies in my family are chubby! I love it!
The best big brother ever.
Chillin'. She really likes HGTV.
The Princess with her Daddy.

Mud, mud, mud. What more could two little boys want? I still haven't gotten all of the mud out of the pants I was wearing!

These are alligators in the mud.

This gave me flashbacks to my childhood! My Dad used to hose us down when we'd been playing outside!

It's been a few weeks, this is my new-ish haircut. These were taken last week.


Eddie the Girl said...

oh my gosh I love your hair cut and the way you do it! so I can copy you right b/c we wont ever be next to each other for people to notice :(

Rosander said...

I love your hair and. My little Molly would be crying because she was dirty... so funny!

Em said...

What kind of parent lets their kids play in the mud like that??? An AWESOME one!! That looked like so much fun!

Also... your new hair looks HOT on you! You and your hair suit one another. Hot + hot = HOT

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