05 October 2008

Where's Fall?

Fall is my most favorite season. It's all my mom's fault. She loves fall and especially loves Halloween. She probably has as many fall decorations as Christmas decorations. She isn't one of those people who does a lot of outward Halloween decor, no haunted houses. But the interior of her house is full of beautiful rust colored floral arrangements, hand painted ceramic pumpkins, etc. She has plenty of kitschy stuff around for the grandkids too.

Fall in the desert feels like late summer everywhere else. It's nice, but it's not fall. It was in the 80's today and it seems so cool compared to the triple digits we've had for months. I spent the weekend at my mom's watching conference and hanging out with my nephews and niece. I was craving fall food very badly so Saturday night I cooked for everyone. I needed soup so I went and picked up some tomato basil soup (it wasn't nearly as good as my recipe from scratch but I was in a hurry) and then I put together an apple and brie bruschetta. It was delicious!

I really enjoy cooking and wish I had time to cook all the time. I seriously would. But I wouldn't want to do it for a living. Just for myself, friends, and family. Anyone wanna sponsor me and pay all my bills? I'll cook for you. But I'll only make food that I like! Ha ha!

Anyhow, I really miss having a real fall. I think I'm going to drive up north one of these weekends. Not as far north as many of my friends are, but just a few hours north to see some real leaves. Let me tell you, a lack of cold weather is brutal on a knitter. I want to make scarves and hats and gloves and sweaters!

I know this post is kind of random, but it's been awhile and I felt I needed to post to get me back in the habit.

I'll post again soon, I've got a lot to say!


Eddie the Girl said...

amen, very hard to be a knitter when you live in warm weather. The leaves are wonderful. I remember the awe I had driving up to sundance my first year in UTAH.

Em said...

I love fall. I love Halloween. And I love YOU!

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