19 November 2008

Coming Attractions

Between now and Sunday, I will:

Move several boxes of books, my clothes, and various other junk from my current abode to the guest room that I will soon occupy at my mother's house.

Photograph my completed and in-progress knitting projects and post those photos here.

Celebrate my Mother's 62nd birthday with a hand-knit gift, and hopefully a quick trip up to the mountains to enjoy some cold weather.


Rosander said...

Wow! Sounds like you are going to be busy! I can't wait to see your projects!

Eddie the Girl said...

haha I love how different AZ is. so you got out of your housing contract? good on ya!

Nama said...

i hate moving. at least it's in the same city, though, right?

and i really want to see your knitting projects!

and i completed your tag. enjoy.

Nessa said...

I SHOULD be out of my housing contract, so long as the girl doesn't bail on me! Fingers crossed! And no, Nama, I'm actually moving to a different city, but only 10 miles away so it's not bad. I'll post my knittering soon!

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