06 November 2008

Sheep Love

I love knitting so so much.
Three of my four sisters and I are brainstorming on a way to start a sheep farm even though we're spread across three states. We're going to start by individually learning how to spin and dye wool and then someone's got to learn something about animal husbandry. They all vote that I do it. I'm all for it. I would love to be a farmer, but it's going to take us a few years to set up a business plan and get things rolling. Right now it's still a dream... but we all really want to do it.
When I saw THIS today, I was gleeful.
Sheep at the White House?
Yes, please.

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Eddie the Girl said...

love the idea of the blog you connected to. So I want to live on a farm too, but I want to foster dogs so that they can get adopted into loving families... I am sure they would love to chase sheep though.

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