16 March 2009

A Favor and a Spring Dilemma

I've been thinking about a way to bring this up and not sound like a jerk. Spliz put it best here and I'm going to follow her lead. 

Here goes:

If and when you are kind enough to add me to your blogroll, please DO NOT use my last name. You are perfectly welcome to link to me in any other way that you choose and I do have a multitude of nicknames for you to choose from, just please please please don't use my last name. If you've already linked to me with my last name, I'm asking you to change it pretty pretty please. 

Thank you!

Okay, moving on.

Every Spring I encounter the exact same dilemma. I LOVE the sun. I love it so much that when Spring and Summer roll around, I want to lay in the sun ALL DAY. With or without apparel. Truly. 
Why is this a problem?
If you've ever seen me, you know that I am very fair. In the Fall and Winter I refer to the whiteness of my skin as a moonburn. My hair is naturally both dark blonde and WHITE (seriously), and my eyelashes are very blonde. I'm okay with being pale. I quite like my natural coloring and usually embrace the pale. But I can tan. Truly. I can. And when I'm dirty derrty golden tan, it's a beautiful thing to me. I love it. It's so hard for me to resist. I grew up in a sunny oceany place and now I live in a sunny deserty place. I love the sun. Life without snow is a beautiful thing. Laying outside for hours with the sun like warm kisses all over my skin is a beautiful thing. Doing this next to the ocean is an even more beautiful thing.
Here is why I resist: I have a family history of skin cancers. I have several red flag skin cancer risk factors. I have an ugly pink scar on my left arm from having a questionable mole removed last summer (it was, blessedly, benign). I have a desire to not look like a handbag when I'm 40. But mostly, it's the deep and abiding fear of cancer. I lost a parent to lymphatic cancer at the tender age of 12, a grandfather to prostate cancer in my teens, and a grandmother to breast cancer in my 20's. A woman I've known for my entire life passed away a few weeks ago from malignant melanoma, leaving behind children and grandchildren who love her. I've got a healthy respect for the big C. We're better acquainted than I'd like to be.

I ate my breakfast outside this morning so I could better smell the orange and lemon blossoms in my yard. As I took in the gorgeous late morning, I felt the sweet little sun kisses all over my skin and considered running inside to change my clothes and grab a towel to lay on. Instead, I looked at the little half inch pink button of a scar on my left arm. I went inside and found my sunscreen collection and put it where I'll be reminded to put it on every day. 


Rosander said...

I'll change it! Sorry! I don't ever think about stuff like that:) Love ya! I can't wait for the sun to show it's smily face!

Nama said...

I was thinking how I need to be more vigilant about putting on sunscreen every day. My arms are super freckly now. And so is my face, but I use both moisturizer AND base with SPF in it. I don't like them freckles on my face. But they pop up, more and more, every year.

Spliz said...

I feel so cool being mentioned on your blog, even in passing.

I, too, am paler than pale, and am pretty religious about putting sunscreen on my face.

but that really has less to do with cancer and more to do with shameful skin vanity.

Em said...

I don't tan. Ever. I only come in the two shades; white and red. So suncreen is constantly on my mind. I'm glad your respect for the C might keep you with us a lot longer.

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