15 January 2011

Blissful Saturday

I spent the last 2 years working on Saturdays and I HATED it. I love Saturdays. I NEED my Saturdays. I love having my Saturdays back. I actually slept in today. It was amazing after a crazy work week. I opened all the windows as soon as I got up and have had a nice slow day cleaning and organizing my apartment. No stresses, no deadlines. No plans. Just maintaining my space and basking in the sunlight. Pandora is filling my day with mellow music by Amos Lee, Dave Matthews, Keb Mo, and more like it. My husband had to work briefly really early this morning and I sent him back to bed about an hour ago. He wants me to wake him up soon, but I probably won't. We both need to recharge. This day is totally hitting the spot. Welcome back Saturday my love.

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