26 April 2011

One Year!

Easter Sunday was our one year wedding anniversary! I am so blessed to have this beautiful man in my life. Even though our weekend didn't work out at all according to plan, we still enjoyed ourselves! The poor guy got sick on Friday as we were venturing out for date night, so we headed home and had a night in. We celebrated a family birthday on Saturday afternoon and then went home so Grit could rest. He was completely miserable on Sunday and we spent the morning in bed. We did venture out to the Temple grounds to get some sunshine late in the afternoon. I'm glad I grabbed my camera at the last minute because we got some beautiful pictures despite the insane wind and the sick hubby! As it turns out, my life never goes according to plan and I'm finally learning to just let go and let it flow! I'm so glad that I chose this man and that he chose me.


Jena said...

LOVE it!! Happy Anniversary!

LoJo said...

you two are such a cute couple! :)

Leah Vanessa said...

Thanks ladies!

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