06 April 2011

A question for all 3 of my readers!

I've had this blog for nearly six years now. It's always been called, "Interesting, but not too Interesting." The title came from a conversation I had with friends after dating yet another weirdo. My cousin, Brandon, pointed out that I always seemed to date very "interesting" guys. After discussing this with my girlfriends, I said, "I do like them interesting, but not too interesting." It was hilarious at the time. Seriously. ...maybe you had to be there. It totally worked since this blog was born of a break-up.

Anyhow, my question is, do I change the name of my blog? It's been a while and the title still cracks me up, but does anyone really get it? My life has changed and more changes are on the way. Time to move on, or keep it the same?



Ann-Marie said...

As long as you keep posting, I don't care what you call it! Hope you continue to keep feeling better!

AKA: I have no title idea for you, sorry!

Jon said...

If it still cracks you up, you should keep it. And I'm glad I know the story behind it now. Why didn't you share it sooner. My biggest complaint about it is that I can't read it. If you want such a dark background, have you considered making the letters a little lighter?

Rae said...

fun to finally know the story behind the title, i never thought it fit you because i think u are VERY interesting LOL but if it still makes you happy keep it! and like ann-marie said, as long as you keep posting........ :)

Nama said...

I think it's entirely appropriate to change your blog title if you feel it doesn't represent you/your blog anymore. My blog has gone through several titles, so I would know! ;)

And I love that story. And I think I was there?

Suggestions? The word verification I just had to type was "frogenes". That's...all I got. Frog Genes. Genius.

Leah Vanessa said...

Thanks friends! I will keep posting! Jon, your computer must be broken because my background is white. Is anyone else having this problem?

Jon said...

Oh, I didn't mean the whole background for the entire page, just the background for the header. But I love the changes. Sad about the name change though; just when I was getting acquainted! :(

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