28 October 2004

Dear Bastard,

She's a cheap imitation of me.
The kind of girl a man with no-guts will settle for.
You even told me we were so much alike it tripped you out.
I've known her longer than you.

She's a nice girl, but she lacks the depth, intellect, and honesty I bring into a relationship.
You didn't want me to know.
You wanted to keep me around as a back up.
You've never-ever had the guts to come and get this, so you decided to keep me in the background (just in case) and settle.
You really hadn't made your mind up yet until someone else told me about her and feeling spiteful, I congratulated you and told you I think she's great.
You looked like you were gonna puke.
You avoided my eyes.
Then you told me that you aren't really dating yet...

You found excuses to be near me.
Like every other man, you hate to be caught in your lie.
I overheard that this has been going on for a month.
The same month that you have been flirting with me, touching me, telling me I'm pretty?
What the hell is wrong with you?



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