28 October 2004

Um...Can I VENT for a minute?

Journal Entry from Summer 2003

"Everybody's got their somebody." - Eric Thorpe

Everyone has their little idiosyncrasies. I, as a person, as a female specifically, am frequently overlooked by people because of my flawed body. Ok. Legit enough. Looks DO count. But.... and here it is; I have a lot of guy friends and they frequently complain about the flaws in girls that drive them nuts. Things like dopey girls, lack of personality, lack of conversation, whiney girls with no self esteem, etc. The list goes on. So, with all these flaws, what makes them more desirable or dateable than me? Say a girl lacks conversational ability and that is an important quality to a man. I have it in spades, but I don't wear a size 6. That man will complain about being bored to death, but it wouldn't occur to him to take me, who could more than adequately satisfy his need for conversation, on a date. Or maybe it does occur to him, but he won't consider it. BITE ME. But stop complaining about dating dumb girls.

You may think that she looks better on your arm than I would, for now. But when you are married and bored, you will dream everyday of being with a woman with even half my passion, audacity, humor, and intellect.

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Jon said...

Sounds like you're dealing with guys whose eyes are bigger than their brains.

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