29 April 2005

hit the nail on the head

Being around my family has unearthed a lot of old issues. Good and bad. There are quite few issues that I'm forced to deal with and in some ways, I feel like I'm doing things all over again. I'm dealing with issues I've already dealt with. It's good for me, I know. But some days it's really hard. Since we're all adults now, the dynamic in my family has changed significantly. We all have to redefine our relationships with each other. And in some cases, develop relationships. A lot changes in 4 years. That's how long it's been since I've lived close to my family for any length of time. We've all lived away from each other and have grown and changed so much. We've all become very different people. We sometimes make the mistake of treating each other like we're still the same people we were years ago when we were all still at home. Everyone has a role in their family. Whether they've chosen it or not. I think we've all decided to throw those roles out the window as we've become our own people on our own. It's hard and it takes effort, but we're finding that it's important to not make assumptions about each other's personalities and needs. We really have all changed monumentally.

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