01 May 2005


Today, we met as an extended family at my Grandparents' house. My Grandmama is very sick. She had a heart attack 5 years ago and has never fully recovered. A month ago she went into the hospital and I cried after I visited her. She was so pale. She is too weak to have a much needed surgery. All we can do is wait. And pray. She is the most noble woman I've ever encountered. Her beauty is indescribable. It glows from a place deep beneath her skin. When she opens her mouth, everyone stops to listen. My heart trusts every word. I never hesitate to do whatever she asks. Her unconditional love and influence have made me so much of who I am. She raised my strong happy Daddy and suffered more than anyone when he was gone. She raised 7 children whose very presence makes this world a better place because they carry so much of her with them. The thought of losing her makes my heart hurt. It aches and aches.
My Grandad asked each of us to fast today and meet at their home for dinner. We all gathered in the living room and prayed together. I sat with a sister on one side and a cousin on the other. As I listened to my Grandad's voice, supplicating our Father so that this miraculous woman might remain in our life longer, tears ran down my cheeks. I couldn't close my eyes during the prayer. I glanced around the room at the bowed heads, folded hands, hands holding other hands, arms rocking children and holding them close. Committed it to memory forever. Blessed to have this family. I feel more grounded than I have in months.

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Tiff said...

It's interesting how sometimes the best things can come out of the worst of things.

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