20 April 2005

perfect 10

I had an argument with a ten year old named Lindsay today over which one of us was the prettiest. I won the argument. She's way prettier. Here's how it began:
I was on my way out after work today and noticed this adorable little 10 year old sitting on the front porch of the shelter. She was waiting for her Grandma who works with me. She had brown hair, freckles, and big 10 yr old teeth she hasn't grown into yet and was wearing a necklace that said "perfect 10." I looked at her and said, "Doh! You're totally tanner than I am. No fair." She grinned her toothy perfect 10 smile at me and said, "Yeah, but you get to wear glasses and I wanted to wear glasses for my whole life." So I said, "Yeah, but you have brown hair and I wanted that for my whole life." I told her that I believe 10 is the perfect age. She rolled her eyes and told me it was way too boring.
She then proceeded to list off her day: "I have to go to school and do homework."
Me butting in, "Yeah, try working for 11 hours."
Lindsay: "Then I have to surf the internet and read about animals."
Me: "Duh, same thing over here."
Lindsay: "I have to do a report on domestic violence." She nodded her head in the direction of the shelter.
Me: "I totally work in there all day, what do you want to know?"
Lindsay: "We totally do the same stuff."
Me: "Totally, we're like the same person, only you're perfect 10 and I'm 24."
Lindsay: "Yeah, and you have blonde hair."
I pointed out a mole on her shoulder and then showed her my identical mole on my shoulder. "See?" I said, "Same person. Except you're way prettier."
Her eyes bugged out and her mouth turned into a huge "O".
"NO WAY! You're way prettier!"
We argued back and forth 10 year old style, "You are." "No, you are." "No, you are."
Me: "It's totally true and I have to go home dude. But tell your Grandma I said that we totally need to hang out, ok?"
She smiled and started giggling to herself. Just as I reached my car I heard the perfect 10 voice yell out, "See you pretty girl!"
She got the last word, but I definitely won, she's way prettier than me.


Em said...

Keep her! She sounds like a winner.

Em said...

Maybe you're her doppelganger...

Kirsten said...

I love little kids.

Nessa said...

Em, that's just weird. I found out today that she was abandoned by her mama and that her G-ma is raising her and that we really are going to hang out.

Tiff said...

You are too good.
I don't know her - but I know at least inner beauty wise you must beat her out.

Jon said...

Is Lindsay single?

Nessa said...

Jon, I'm calling the cops now. That's just gross.

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