20 April 2005

vanity and boredom part 2

I'm so over being very blonde and thin eyebrowed, and pale skinned. I'm going to get my hair back to it's natural state, embrace the owl-wings above my eyes and get tan.
Dirty, dirty tan.
Eh Heh Heh Heh Eh Heh...

I'm always afraid that when I go get a haircut, my stylist will want to chop several inches off my hair. This is not a possibility right now. This was my fear at my last visit, but Chelsea left my glory alone. Ooohhh.... maybe I should name my HAIR Minerva. That's cool. My bladder is already named Brenda. My legs look like....
Lucy and Ethel.


Kirsten said...

my stomach's name is jaba -- it's an allusion to star wars, if you didn't know.

Ritz said...

Nessa this is your conscience speaking. If you don't start tweeezing aand keepng up on yourself Ii sweear I will call clinton and Stacey. But first I'll embarass you by telling theem that you know fasion. Beauty school. What kind of people are you keeping up wiith...no tweezing...my word man get a grip and rip those things fron your dirty southeern hairy face....Ahhhhhhhhhrg!

Tiff said...

Any ideas on a transitional haircut?
Love my hair short, but miss it long.
I'm lost in the in between stage.

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