20 April 2005

vanity and boredom part 1

The next car, computer, or pet that I own will be named Minerva. Also, I just decided that I might one day name one of my children Sylvia.
On another note, I stopped plucking my eyebrows a few weeks ago because I realized that it's been a solid 10 years since I've seen them in their natural state. (I keep them at about 25% of capacity.) It's been a difficult process. I'm addicted to the tweeze. I had to put my tweezers in a public place where someone else could misplace them for me. It worked for 2 weeks. I found them in the kitchen today. Doh! Luckily, my naturally bushy brows have made so much progress, it would be cruel to deny them their freedom now. So I put my tweezers down and found other uses for the mirror in my hand. Like 30 minutes of self-absorption. I'm freaking gorgeous! Even with bushy brows and no makeup. My freckles need work though. Too bad I can't lay out again until Thursday... poo.


Nessa said...

Duh, This totally happened in the middle of the night when I couldn't sleep and there wasn't anybody around to entertain me but me. It was terribly funny at the time...

Tiff said...

Just say no when it comes to putting off tweasing.

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