12 May 2005

How my day redeemed itself...

First of all, I woke up with a headache and my brother was in the bathroom forever and I totally needed to pee and I stood in the cold hallway for 10 minutes cussing under my breath and periodically banging on the door. (I'm not nice or happy when I wake up.)
Then, after driving out to B.F.E. to get there, I didn't connect with the stylist at my consultation. I'm glad I went and met her before I booked an appointment and had to pay her $200 for a cut and highlights. She thinks I won't like myself as anything but very blonde. What? I won't like myself? Have you met me? "How you know me?"
I read a 50 page training manual on how to best help victims of domestic violence in polygamous communities. Including descriptions of 17 different polygamous religions and their practices and traditions. Totally sad and depressing and scary.
Work was slow and boring and I still had a headache. For all 5 hours.

And then...

I came home and Big Mama had made more pudding. Yummm.
I gave myself a beautiful french manicure totally free hand. I'm impressed.
I made plans to hang out this weekend with former roommates Christina and Suzanne and their significant others who just moved here.
I taught Boodji the songs, "Jesus wants me for a Sunbeam" and "This little light of mine."
I found this blog and I really like these pictures.
My buddy, Liz-Of-The-Amazing-Hair, gave me the number to her stylist who sounds fabulous.
And the most amazing thing EVAH-EVAH:
I got an email from my very very bestest friend in the whole world, Tara, who I'd lost track of for a few years and I cried. Happy happy tears. I emailed her my cell number. I'm dying to talk to her.

It's gonna be sweet dreams tonight.


Kirsten said...

I love hearing from old friends

Jena said...

Fer FUN! Tell Christina and Suzanne I said hello. When does Suzanne get married? Way to go on the manicure, too. Why wasn't that common knowledge at the villa?

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