11 May 2005

Why today was good...

I only had to work for 5 hours, instead of 10.
I was able to talk about my great church at work.
I got to watch American Idol for the first time in weeks (because I got home early)!
I got to hang out in my backyard with my sisters and bro-in-law and nephew and watch the sunset. (I usually get home after 10pm)
I discovered that instant chocolate pudding is amazing and tastes like fudge mousse if you substitute 1 cup of whipping cream for one of the 3 cups of milk it calls for.
I made a pregnant lady smile. (My sis, eating mousse-pudding)
Corey wrote a tribute to me and I love love love him!
I had instant message conversations with Ann-Marie and Joe Miller.
I have an appointment for a consultation with my soon-to-be-new-stylist tomorrow morning!
I only have to work for 5 hours tomorrow.
It's almost Friday, aka: Payday, aka: My day off.


Silence said...

I can see you a fruitful day! Paydays are always always wonderful, isn't it? That's when all the fun starts. ;)

kat said...

dang! that's a reeeally good day.

Tiff said...

I looked at your link to that Salon.
I would almost drive to AZ for that.
I'm in search of a new stylist. Erika recommended hers, but I can't find the number.

Heather said...

I miss and love you!!!!

Em said...

a.k.a you're beautiful

Nessa said...

Em, a.k.a. stands for "also known as." I don't get it.

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