18 May 2005

Laughing all the way...

I started yesterday kinda grumpy. One of my co-workers patted me on the head (which I happen to really hate) and I let her know that it wasn't in her best interest to do that ever again. The pack-rat (who carries 3 tote bags full of extra stuff to work everyday) was just mad cuz I put a sign up that said "There are no junk drawers in this desk." After I spent a few hours the day before cleaning out 3 drawers full of her crap in the desk we all share. (I was itching and sneezing from the dust.) She felt like a dork, so she asked my co-worker, VivaMaria, what she would do if she pat her on the head. Viva said, "Pat me on the head? H--- no! You better not!" We all bust out laughing and that eased the tension a lot. Everything was so funny! You know those days? Viva and I ended up laughing so hard at I-don't-even-remember-what, that all our co-workers came out of their offices to investigate. Everyone else started cracking up and pretty soon we were all just laughing at laughter. Our clients would come in to ask a question and we'd have them in stitches too. It was great. The over-night shift came in at 10 to relieve me and told me that they heard a noise the night before and started sneaking around outside with flashlights and scared each other and I started cracking up again. I just couldn't help it. Even though they caught some guy trying to steal a client's car and had to call the cops and that's not really funny, I laughed until I had big fat tears rolling down my cheeks. Viva did too. One of our supervisors came back to work 4 hours after her shift ended just to hang out and eat dinner with us because we were so funny. She was on her way to a belly dancing class. We teased her the whole time. It was a riot. She's gonna belly dance for me for a birthday present tomorrow. They made me a pudding cake and lots of chocolate pudding and sang Happy Birthday to me today and we all laughed and and pigged out on pudding. I love spending 10 hours getting paid to laugh. I was super-busy screening clients and doing paperwork and laying the smack down on old ladies smoking in their beds, but now I have everyone saying, "It's your mom." Every time the phone rings.

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