30 May 2005

My 100th Blog!

I decided that for my 100th blog, I would write about the Summer of 66. A.K.A.: Summer in the Villa 2004. A.K.A.: The Best Summer of My Life!

A lot of the credit for it being the greatest summer ever goes to Ritzy. I moved into apartment 66 with Ritz in April of last year. Everyone thought we were nuts for wanting to live together since we're both such um... entertaining people. It turned out to be one of the best decisions I've ever made. First of all, Ritz happens to be THE MOST CONSIDERATE PERSON ON THE PLANET. She is a sneaky little service fiend. I would find that my bed had been made, dishes washed, or that treats had been purchased for me while I was out and unsuspecting. Plus, she's beautiful, and intelligent, and funny as all get out. So Ritzy, thank you for helping me have the best summer of my life!

I want to put as many memories of last summer in this blog as I can remember. If I've forgotten any, please add them in the comments. This could get long!

First things first. I actually put in Steel Magnolias so I could set the tone and remember more. (Ritz and I watched this at least twice a week.) It worked. I made a big list. I'll try and elaborate a little bit on things, but most things are self-explanatory. And I don't want this to be too long.

The summer was perfect and not ever too hot.
The summer started great because the coolest people ever moved into the Villa in Spring: Chris, Corey, Duard, and Drew. Everybody else was pretty much already there. If I forgot anyone, I'm already sorry.
We had a steady supply of popsicles and good friends.
Kimberly and I were looking at a wedding magazine when we found the famous "Seize it" picture.
Kat and Em and Liz lived to the left, and Kayla, Tina, and Heather lived on the right. What more could a person ask for in this life?
For my birthday, Kayla made me a butt pillow out of her jeans. And ya'll threw me the "Seize it" party. Which rocked! This prompted the visit to the Big and Tall store where I asked the big man where the underwear was. He asked, "Boxers or briefs?" and I said, "Both." I was really proud of us for staying calm and serious. Jay was wandering around on his crutches checking things out and then the man showed us the "Boxer-briefs." It was all over from there. Ritz said, "Oh! Those would look nice!" and we all busted up laughing. Then we explained to the girthy gentleman that we were going to use them to make pillows. He thought we were nuts. But the really really funny moment happened when we pulled up to Sonic and Ritz and Kayla stepped out of the car and they were each in a leg of the boxers. I seriously almost peed my pants. Then Ritz, Rach, and I all climbed into the tighty whities together. Good times.
The hammocks outside our apartment were great! The hammocks were the inspiration for the sleepover. I woke up cold, stiff, and mean. And yes Chris, I did fart, but not all night. Geez.
We kept our extra mattress in the living room because we liked to have friends over for nap-overs on Sunday afternoons. Those were great. After a while, we just left it there cuz we liked it, and we decorated it with our huge butt-pillows.
We strung up Christmas lights for all of our parties and brought my stereo outside.
We said good-bye to Rach and Maggie and hello to Natalie.
I became a twin. We listened to Kalai a lot.
I mostly got over my stage fright thanks to Joe and Moydie and got up the nerve to sing at the talent show and then at Muse Music. Oh the good old days of "Dirty Man" and "A Wonderful World." I loved when we got 11 brooms together and took the little stereo and busted into the guy's apartments singing "Dirty Man" and swept them out of their apartments!
Water-guns. Homemade popsicles.
Soccer games, softball, the Nickelcade, dollar movies.
X-Files and Law and Order marathons.
Shopping with Chris for his Spider-Man costume. "Does it go up my butt when I raise my arms?" "Totally. Just keep your arms down." Dyeing Tina's hair for the Spider Man 2 premiere.
Wedding after wedding after wedding after wedding.
Lewis and Natalie and their shocking engagement!
Nicknames: Nee'Nee', Nessa, Ninny, Nallie, No-No, and Nama. Who'd I forget?
Cuddling. Cuddling. Cuddling. Did I say Cuddling? Oooh, and good cuddle buddies. I was gonna put a thank you on here to each of them, but it would get long. Thanks guys.
Late night talks with Johnny M. Then late night calls when he went home to MD. The man just gets me. It's weird. I don't even get me.
Sunday afternoons in the canyon. Sunday afternoon make-overs.
Pedicures with Drew. Denny's at midnight.
Guarding the Loaf!
Avoiding Beard.
Crushing on Yastard.
Deciding that swear words are funnier if you put a "Y" in front of them.
Hanging out with Joe Miller.
Laundry and stain removal techniques: "Get out of her pants!!"~Ritz.
Mousercizing on the way to the laundry room.
Ann-Marie at the library.
Ward choir.
Saturday "What Not To Wear" marathons.
Saturday shopping trips. JC Penney runs.
The Famous Quote Board.
Taco Bell and Sonic.
The Demolition Derby.
Painful sunburns. Jen Harms and her aloe in church. (I'm still laughing.)
And the famous, "Heeeeyyy!" "Wha's yo' name?" "Do a little turn for me. Um Um Um. That's nice." "Girrrl you bad."

When we moved upstairs to Apartment 69, we changed from being Grand Central Station to the Sanctuary. We were officially the oldest girls around and we dispensed advice and love from the Chocolate Box.
Oh the good old days in the Villa.


Aaron the Truck Driver said...

Happy Hundredetetheteh.

MyMoodSwings said...

interesting.... hw abt this summer? heading back to the same villa? anyhow hats off on ur 100th blog...wel done

Jon said...

You forgot the double kiss you got at your sieze-it B-day party.

Nessa said...

I didn't forget. How could I? You're the eternally-unrequited-love-of-my-life!

Erika said...

Where was I during all of this? Oh yeah. At work. So was Tiff. We were so dead by the end of the day all Tiffy could cook me was a can of green beans.

kat said...

100! yay!
it was a good summer. but don't forget julymas. julymas must be remembered.

jen harms. said...

that sunburn hurt! if you still laugh at it, though, it was worth it.

Tiff said...

Don't forget Erika, I also offered cereal - your favorite food.

Nessa said...

Julymas did rock! I love that Ritzy and I dressed up really pretty and then wore our winter coats even tho' it was bloody hot that day. And then Chris put that gross turkey on my bed!! Sicko...

Kirsten said...

it seriously seems like yesterday

Ann-Marie said...

That was an awesome summer! But we can't forget DR. MARIO!!! I played that thing for hours on end and loved every minute of it!! Caroline and I could play that game all day and not get bored with it!

Cracka Chips said...

Remember the time we were room mates? Those were the days!And Remember our road trip to Seattle with James (Shame-us)and Jimmy?

Heather said...

That was an awesome summer. MISS YOU

Ben said...
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Angie said...
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Lori said...
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