27 May 2005

Sticking it out...


Find band-mates.

This means I either have to find a band that needs a singer, or let the world know that I'm a singer who needs a band. I NEED to sing. I wake up and think about singing. I go to sleep and think about singing. Whenever I hear a song, I start re-arranging it in my head for myself. I could take the key down, maybe slow it down right there... oohh, this would be great acoustic.... This is what goes streaming through my head all the time. I go over lyrics while I'm filling out paper-work at my job. If I'm in a place where I can't just belt something out and I need to, I'll go for a drive and sing my guts out. I've stopped shopping for computers and I'm contemplating finding a really good keyboard and going to school for music. I've already started looking for a voice coach. It might be a phase. It might not. I hope I don't bail on this, I have a really bad habit of doing that. And this feels right.

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Glinda said...

i luv singin... it gives me wings 2 fly anywhere i want... i sing anywhere, and if i cant sing, ill sing under my breath... i no the feeling

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