27 July 2005


My Daddy passed away 13 years ago today. I've decided to celebrate his life today. Here are some pictures of him.

This picture was a Saturday afternoon and he'd been doing yardwork for hours and smelled like a lawnmower. It's funny that Mojo and I are in it together because we hated each other as kids.

The checkers picture is a favorite because it has all 5 girls in it. Big Mama, Mojo, Meme, Reb, and little Me.

The one with him and the mustache is from the Magnum P.I. years. He was actually planning to join the FBI. Good times.
Big Mama, M, J, and Me.

And I love pictures of my Daddy when he was young. He was adorable. This is him in his early 20's.


Em said...

Those are great pictures. Your dad's a good looking guy. You MUST be related because you are GORGEOUS!

Jena said...

It's true.

kat said...

great pics.

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