24 July 2005

Because I said I would...

Kat has one. And because Kat is my idol, I want one too. You know, a "back-up." I'll be 32 in seven years. I would like to be married by then. But just in case...
I am reasonably easy to get along with. I talk in my sleep and steal the covers, and I swear when I stub my toes, but I can cook. And I think I'm funny. And I smell good 94% of the time. And I'm a freakin' bombshell.
Must be male.
And straight.
And not newly-straight.
Or only sometimes straight.
I'm talking straight-up straight. (More on this later.)
Must be taller than 5'5".
Broad shoulders and nice arms preferable. (Nice = good at cuddling.)
LDS a must.
Must be able to read and write.
English speaking is negotiable.
Domestic skills a must. (Cuz I won't wait on yo' lazy behind.)
Basic hygiene a must.
Touchy touchy a must.
Yup, that about does it.
I'm not too picky.

Applicants may apply in the comments section of this blog. Even if you are not applying to be my "back-up," please comment anyway.


Jon said...

I just want to ask two things:

Are you telling me I have to re-apply?

Wasn't it me who first called you a bombshell?

Nessa said...

Ritz called me a Bombshell first, you called me a Vixen first. And no you don't have to re-apply. You're on the list, but I'm out to choose just one. Or maybe the T-5...

Jena said...

Can I take your runner up?

Tiff said...

Hee hee, I liked your touchy toucy photo. Too cute!
And I did have the thought that some of your requirement were similar to Hena's. :)
Go get 'em girl!

Nama said...

hey, i want a backup too! i had one once upon a time, but it would have never worked out. he was catholic, i'm not. he's slightly effeminate, i'm female...

Erika said...

Well, I'm not male. But I'm straight. But I don't have buff arms. But I do brush my teeth. But I'm not very domestic. I guess I shouldn't waste my time and apply then.

Ang said...

I thought I wanted to be married by 32 too, I even had a couple back-ups...it's funny how time creeps up on you! I am 32 next week and am SO not ready to be married!!!

flippin said...

Dear Ms...um...you,

I am responding to the position for back-up spouse as posted on this blog. I believe I am suited for the job, despite my left shoulder being jacked.

A little weirder once someone actually applies, eh? No, I was just reading Kat's blog (which is a long story in and of itself), and stumbled across yours. This is mine.

Thus far into reading yours, definitely a fan.

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