01 July 2005

Chronicles of the Jungle

I'm bored... be entertained.

Pretend like you really want to know how extremely long my hair has gotten






Erika said...

Suddenly I have "Welcome to the Jungle" in my head.

Jon said...

Dude, if you're more comfortable with short hair, lop it all off.

Just make sure I'm not around to see it.

kat said...

my hair's a jungle too. but not a sexy jungle. the kind of jungle where people dare not go for fear they'll never find their way out.
chelsea's still on her honeymoon.
and erika, i was thinking the same thing.

Jena said...

You dork. Don't show us all those pictures and then not one with you and your gorgeous hair.

Nessa said...

Uh... Jon? You're not around.

Nessa said...

I found a stylist! But as soon as I called to make an appointment, she was gone on maternity leave. She adopted a baby. I could be more patient if she'd just been through child-birth, but somebody else did it for her. Come back Tracy! I have to braid this mess before I go to bed so I don't suffocate!

Nama said...

psh! "long"...you gots nothing on me!

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