15 July 2005

It's like this...

I know that I have been given a Gift for working with children. I've always known this. And so I have almost always worked with children. But it is exhausting. It is the most rewarding, but most draining thing you can possibly do. I have to take a break from it every couple of years or I burn out and lose my love for it.

I love the beauty industry. Fashion, hair, makeup. And I feel that I am very talented in this regard. Did you know that I completely re-style people that I randomly see in public in my head? I can look at someone for 15 seconds and tell you whether or not what they have going on is working for them and what would work better for them. I can tell you what tones they should add to their hair to bring out their eyes, or to brighten their complexion. And, I get a lot of joy out of helping women and girls feel better about themselves. And I know that this too, is a Gift.

I hope that sometime in the next 10 years, I can start a family and have my own children to take care of. When that happens, I will focus all of my child-talents on my own children. But I will still need an outlet, and beauty is my craft. Something that I want to hone and practice until it's second nature to me. Taking care of children is already second nature to me. It's so instinctive and I know I will learn more and grow more when I have my own children. Beauty is something that will challenge me and give me the creative outlet that I crave.

I know what I need to do, it's the actual doing that is hard.


Em said...

Jump in! The water's great!

Jon said...

Wow. Sounds like you've got it made.

Nama said...

ladies and gentlemen, the next stacy london/clinton kelly!

Tiff said...

Everyday do at least 1 thing that scares you. :)
That's what I'm trying. Life still can be scary but it gives you a lot more courage to face it.

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