29 July 2005

S-J-O the Po-ta-to...

My nephew, S, who is 5 years old, is coming from Texas tomorrow to stay with me until mid-September. His mama has thyroid cancer and starts radiation treatment next week. My brother is taking 4 of his other 6 kids to stay with his in-laws in Kentucky and his oldest, P, to stay with an uncle in Washington. My sister-in-law has 5 weeks of treatment ahead of her. I wish they'd send us more of their kids, but they're determined to do it this way. There's a very slight chance that they'll send A, who's 3, to us as well. We'll know tonight. S is going to stay at my house and I'll take care of him in the mornings, my mom will keep him in the afternoons-evenings, and Big Mama will help in-between. It's gonna be interesting, with Big Mama threatening to go into labor at any moment, Boodji running around butt-naked, and a shy, highly allergic 5 year old showing up on our doorstep with a breathing machine sometime tomorrow. I haven't seen S in a year and a half. I hope he likes me.

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