30 July 2005

Unnatural Attraction

Old men hit on me.
This isn't news.
It started, frighteningly enough, when I was 14. I have had 11 years of being hit on by old men.
On an airplane when I was 21, a 50-something old man proposed marriage to me. He meant it. He wanted me to move to Belize with him. He wanted to travel the world with me. Because I was friendly and fascinated by his world travels. He was a retired merchant marine. And he thought I was "lively." He was offended when I wouldn't give him my number. And told me he'd take care of me for the rest of his life. His life ya'll. Old Dude was more than twice my age.
On the same flight, a 40-something offered a different kind of "proposal." I just blinked at him in shock, since this proposition showed up 3 minutes after we talked about the church and I told him I was awaiting a mission call.
And then, on Wednesday, I was waiting in the lobby of my Doctor's office and man with grey hair came in with a cane. He wedged himself in between me and the man to my right, even though there was no one to my left. Then he turned and smiled at me. I was shocked. Because I found him extremely attractive. His hair was completely grey, but his face didn't look older than 35. And his smile was so nice and his teeth were very white and his eyes were really really blue. And in true Provo style, I even scanned his hand for a ring and found none. I smiled back and asked him about his bum-leg. He told me about a freak accident with a wave runner and the screws and bolts in his hip. I told him my not-very-exciting story about my incident with a wave runner last summer and we laughed and commiserated together. Then he opened his mouth to say something and I watched him stop himself from asking this female stranger about the nature of her visit to the doctor. Well done my friend, well done. I guess some men do learn tact eventually. I was just getting over my shock of being so attracted to an obviously older man and had just gotten into my groove (ya'll know what groove I'm talking about), when the nurse called my name. I got up and hobbled over to the door (I've damaged my foot somehow and my doctor is incompetent so I still don't know what's wrong.). I turned back and smiled at him and he winked at me and that was it. And it wasn't like a grandpa/uncle wink either. He was gone when I came back out.
I still can't get over the fact that I was so attracted to a grey-haired man.


Em said...

Maybe that means you're old. Really old.

kat said...


Jena said...

It happens.

Nama said...

i have two words: sean connery.

Kimberly said...

I know a lady who went totally grey when she was 16. She was still one of the most attractive ladies I ever knew. Maybe he wasn't really that old; maybe he just turned grey early.

Cracka Chips said...

I don't care who thinks it odd. Older men are so much more attractive then my generation. They just really o it for me. Oh baby bring.....it .........on. I think the fellas of my generation can do it to, But they are so.....not there yet.

Nessa said...

I think the weirdest part for me was that I flirted with him. I've looked at older men and said, "Wow, he's attractive," but I've never actually gotten my game on. I find it funny that none of my male friends have commented... bring it ya'll!

Jay said...

I've never been attracted to an older man, so I can't relate.

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