08 August 2005


7.20.05 Mother Nature has always been my Muse. I can't write properly without her. The first rain of the monsoon came today. It doesn't drive the heat away as I'd hoped; it just pushes it around. The gigantic pine in my front yard has begun its wild rain dance. It makes me feel small as I sit cross-legged on my porch. The lightning glints off the rain and each drop becomes a firefly. I've always found heat and rain comforting. But this heat is oppressive. It takes no prisoners.

I wrote that a couple of weeks ago while I was sitting on my porch reading and watching the storm. It has cooled off since then. It's been about 15° cooler, it's down from the 115° days we were having. It rained all night and all day today. The rains are nice. Except for the puddle in our basement.